Monday 4 July 2016

My Favourite Way to Relax and Unwind After A Workout

I love my bath. As convenient and invigorating as a shower may be, I’d take a bath instead any day. Nothing relaxes and restores balance in the body quite like a good old soak in the tub – that first dip of a  toe in warm water is a real ‘ooh, ah’ moment!

The most joyous bath-time for me is the post-workout one. It’s then when my muscles are sore and achy, particularly if I’ve been doing a bunch of new exercises or ones I haven’t done in a while. My muscles long for the soothing feel of warm (almost hot) water washing over them. 

While stretching off and foam rolling after a workout is vital for muscle recovery, and I would never leave the gym without doing either, the evening soak in my roll-top is the bit I look forward to the most. Not only does it help me to recover physically, it does mentally too (I lay back, close my eyes and empty my mind of stressful thoughts).

But post-workout tub time wouldn’t be complete without post-workout therapeutic bodycare. One brand which comes up trumps here is Susanne Kaufmann.

A Little About Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann grew-up in the Alpine region of Bregenzer Forest, where the healing powers of plants are passed on from one generation to the next. Inspired by her roots, she has created an exquisite line of 60 [update: I've just been reliably informed it's now 70!] organic products incorporating many local ingredients.

I first came across the brand a few months back at a press day, where I spent some time sampling and finding out more. Two products were highlighted to me as being particularly good for post-workout recovery: Alkali Salt and Arnica Oil.

You’ll find the Susanne Kaufmann range in Liberty and online at Cult Beauty and Net-a-Porter. But the place for the ultimate experience has got to be this: the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Hotel Post Bezau, the family-run hotel managed by her. Check it out here - a 2-night stay costs from Euro 280.

Until I save up enough money to visit her Austrian spa, I’m making do with an at-home Kaufmann experience comprising my bath tub and the Alkali Salt and Arnica Oil.

Alkali Salt

This is anti-inflammatory, regenerative and protects the skin’s natural acid layer.  I scatter the salts over a running bath but you can also use it as an alkaline foot bath and as a body scrub.

This salt has a strong therapeutic odour in the bottle, but you can’t smell anything once it’s diluted with the water. A 180g tub costs £30 at Liberty here or buy a 60g bottle for £12 here.
Arnica Oil 

Why arnica? It contains helenalin and related compounds, which are known to be anti-inflammatory. Arnica is also often applied to bruises to aid healing.  Another thing this natural ingredient does is improve skin elasticity, so is good for helping reduce stretchmarks during pregnancy.

I apply this lightly fragranced oil to my body after an Alkali Salt bath. It’s viscous and richly golden in colour. I find it instantly nourishing but, best of all, the effects last - making my skin feel super hydrated and soft for hours after. It costs £33 for 100ml from Liberty here.

Post contains PR samples
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