Tuesday 26 July 2016

NEW: DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack – A Quick Fix for the Entire Eye Area

If the skin around your eyes is a particular concern (and let’s face it, it’s the first part of our face to show signs of ageing), then skincare-infused patches are a good way to give it a bit of a boost.

They contain ingredients specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes, and generally they are cheaper to buy than full sheet masks which cover the entire face.

The Rich Eye Zone Care Pack is new from Japanese brand DHC. It contains six pairs of eye patches, infused with plumping hyaluronic acid, elastin to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier, a blend of peptides to support collagen production, and olive fruit oil to hydrate.

What’s different about them is that they cover the entire eye, the upper area as well as the lower. I can never quite understand why so many patches are for under the eye only as ageing happens to every bit of our skin!

The DHC patches are stored in a clear plastic clam-shell box and a re-sealable pack – belts and braces hygiene! The right and left eye are paired together, keeping the moisture from the ingredients locked-in. To use, peel the masks apart and apply to each eye area, with the thin strip at the top and the wide section underneath.

They are a bit fiddly to get in place around the upper eye, but by the second pair I’d got the hang of it. You can also feel the patches when they’re on (they’re not the most comfortable to wear) but they only stay in situ for 10 minutes – lie on the bed and have a quick nap! 

Remove and discard after use and massage any reside into the skin – there wasn’t any with me, but then again my skin is on the dry side.
These patches really do make an instant difference. The improvement to my fine lines was discernible (the before + after photos don’t do it justice), and my skin felt softer and was clearly more hydrated.

But the effects do wear off. Having said that, there’s always a place for a ‘quick fix’ treatment, whether for prepping skin before a special occasion or to use as a booster once/ twice a week.

The DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack costs £15, making each patch comparatively good value at £2.50. You can buy it  here.

Post contains PR samples.

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