Monday 11 July 2016

NEW: Su-Man Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask

I had been saving this new mask from Su-Man (her first ever) for a planned reunion with former work colleagues I hadn’t seen for 15 years. There’s nothing quite like a reunion to create an explosive aura of excitement and panic!

Hey, I hadn’t seen these people for 15 years.  I wanted my skin to be looking at its best! 

In the event, I didn’t get chance to use the mask on the Saturday of the party as there was too much going on at home. But that was just as well; it was actually the day-after-the-night before when my skin was in desperate need of a turbo-charged boost.  Generous amounts of alcohol and a lack of beauty sleep does wonders for skin!

The Su-Man Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask is a single use sheet mask designed to instantly hydrate, brighten, soothe and soften skin.

If you don’t know Su-Man she is a celebrity facialist with her own very fine skincare range – I’ve grown to love many of her products including her Rehydrating Toning Essence (reviewed here). I’ve also had the privilege of trying out her incredible facial – reviewed here.

Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask - Key ingredients:
Orchid extract – antioxidants to fight free radicals and boost skin’s immunity
Seawater mineral concentrate – vitamins and minerals
Brown algae – soothing, hydrating and brightening
Peptides – to plump and improve suppleness

The mask is impregnated with the skincare ingredients and comes in a protective foil sachet to keep everything inside moist.  It is divided into three separate pieces: the mask itself and two protective layers on either side.

I found the best way to unfold the mask was to open out the sachet completely and lay the mask down on top of it, foil side up. I then peeled off one of the outer layers, and applied the mask to my cleansed face before peeling off the remaining protective layer.

Positioning the mask was a little tricky. Everyone’s face measurements are going to be different, so it’s never going to be an exact fit, but as you can see from my pics I wasn’t quite able to level up the eye openings, or the mouth (it’s a bit wonky).

Smoothing the mask down so it adheres completely, though, is a doddle. The mask is made from a gel-like material and is very moist, so there’s no problem getting it to stay in place once on. The eye openings also fold back up, so they get treated too.

I set a timer when using sheet masks as I take the opportunity to snatch a quick 40 winks while wearing them.  Tip: lay down before positioning the eye patches else you won’t be able to see where you’re going when trying to clamber on to the bed!

Remove the mask after 10-15 minutes and gently massage any residue into the skin. There was quite a lot of solution left on both my face and the mask – I do sometimes pop a used sheet mask back in to its packets and leave in the fridge for a second application, though really these are intended to be single use products.


After 15-minutes of shut-eye with this mask my face felt like it was back in the land of the living. My skin looked brighter, fresher and noticeably plumper. At £42 for a pack of four, the new Su-Man mask is a treat but then it’s not meant to be used every day. Su-Man suggests using weekly or whenever the need arises – to that I’d add prepping skin before a big night out and (of course) aiding its recovery the morning after.

The Su-Man Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask will be available from Selfridges later this month.  More on Su-Man here.

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