Tuesday 14 July 2015

Balance Me Colour BB Natural Perfection SPF25 – A Natural Alphabet Cream With a Decent SPF!

If you’re passionate about green beauty products, one challenge you may face is finding an alphabet cream with a high SPF.

I’m looking as I write at the Naturisimo, MyPure and Love Lula websites (three big organic beauty online retailers) and I’m not seeing many BB or other letter creams with an SPF, and those that do tend to be around the10-15 mark.

There are two physical/natural sublocks available, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. Unlike chemical ones, they are not absorbed by the skin’s surface. Instead, they reflect light much like a mirror and are highly effective. They are also noncomedogenic, meaning they don’t contain oil which could clog the skin’s pores.

However, as anyone who has ever used products containing either one of these sunblocks will no doubt know, they can feel weird on the face. By nature they are chalky. They can make your face look ghostly white and they can also feel heavy.  I suspect this is why not many organic/natural alphabet creams contain these.

But there are exceptions, and one of them is this BB cream from Balance Me which boasts an SPF of 25 (it offers protection against both the skin burning UVB rays, and the deeper prematurely ageing UVA rays).

The sunblock here is Titanium Dioxide. It’s the second ingredient listed and the main one after aqua (water). So, the first question you might want to ask is: how does this formula feel on the skin?

In truth, this BB cream has a lovely texture. It’s rich without being too thick and it’s hydrating, giving skin a bit of a boost in the old luminosity department.  It has a mineral-based tint to it which is on the pink side. As someone with an olive tone, I did wonder if this would prove a bad match for me personally but it does easily blend down as you work it in (lightly), providing a seamless coverage.

As BB creams are generally tinted moisturisers with a few extras, they tend to provide less coverage than say a CC (Colour Correcting) or DD (Daily Defence). But this Balance Me formula provides enough coverage to even out some of my lighter pigmentation issues - I don’t think I’ll ever get the point where I can dispense with a concealer altogether!

Key Ingredients 

Aside from the sunblock:
-    Abyssinian (promotes skin suppleness and softness)
-    Rosehip oil (hydrating)
-    Blackberry leaf extract (anti-oxidant rich, as well as collagen and elastin boosting)
-    Hyaluronic acid (that trusted skin-plumping ingredient we all so love)
-    Spruce knot, lotus flower and violet seed extracts (redness calming)

This is a very lovely BB cream with some super natural ingredients (it’s 99% natural). If I had to pick fault (and this is being very picky) I would point to the fragrance. Normally I swoon at the scents of Balance Me’s formulas. This one, though, I’m not terribly struck on. It’s not unpleasant, but it doesn’t have me wanting to waft it repeatedly under my nose as a treat for my senses.

Balance Me’s Colour BB Natural Perfection SPF25 costs £26 for 40ml, and can be bought here.

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