Saturday 4 July 2015

Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray – An Impulse Buy!

This has been on my review ‘to-do’ list for over six months now! Several times I’ve gotten myself poised to start tapping out my thoughts on it, only for another product or topic to come along and occupy my mind instead.

Actually, I’m not even sure why other posts have taken precedence. For this Urban Decay product is ridiculously good!

The Urban Decay All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray was an impulse buy I made while out Christmas shopping (I told you this post has been in gestation a while!).  I rarely purchase things on a whim. I’m your cautious shopper – my beloved grandmother would despair at the hours I’d drag her around different shops, so determined was I to spend wisely, though often ending up going back to the first shop we visited and buying the very first item that I had set my eyes upon!

I’d never thought about using a dedicated product for setting my make-up before. I’d always used a facial water spritzed over my face instead, though I’ve never considered that popular trick a particularly good one. I continued only because I like the feel of a toner sprayed on to my face (for more on that check out my toner post here).

So, this UD make-up setting spray caught me at a weak moment while out Xmas shopping in Debenhams on Oxford Street. It was on a special deal, part of a money-saving double pack (I gave the other one to my mum for Christmas – she also now raves about this product).

After applying make-up, you mist this 8"-10” away from your face in an ‘X’ and ‘T’ formation. You can feel the spray as you apply it, but it is very light and dries within seconds. You can’t feel anything once applied – I mention this in case you’ve ever accidentally sprayed hairspray over your face!

The formula is designed to fix your make-up for up to 16 hours - ‘it keeps you looking gorgeously just-applied: no melting, cracking or fading” – according to the brand blurb.

This really does a fabulous job of fixing make-up. You only need apply it once – no dashing off to the nearest loo after an hour or two for a quick re-spray/re-set. But what I hadn’t expected (and what I’m particularly joyous about), is the finish it gives to your make-up. It adds a notable (dare I say it) ‘airbrushed’ quality to the look of your foundation. 

I’m including a shot of my make-up here, taken directly after applying the spray. I was hoping it would show the lovely smooth finish, though the pic was taken on my old tablet which doesn't have a particularly hi-res camera, so I’m not entirely sure how useful this is. But pic aside, this really is an impressive product, and one that delivers more than it says on the tin!

The Urban Decay All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray costs £21 for 118ml. You can buy it here (I’ve just noted it’s a best seller on the UD website - it's also currently out of stock online!).     
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