Tuesday 28 July 2015

How a Surprise Parcel From Sandra at Beauty Balm Saved My Day!

You know those days you get when not just one or two things go wrong, but a whole procession of calamities befall you. Yep, I had one of those last Wednesday.

I’d set aside the day to write a load of posts for my blog. But I’d got writers block and only managed to muster up enough creative thoughts to write one. These things happen, I thought. At 1.30pm I decided to switch off the computer and leave the writing for another day.

It then occurred to me that my teenage son was still in bed. Yes, I know it’s gone lunchtime but as he keeps reminding me, he’s on Summer hols! After waking him and he begrudgingly getting himself out of bed, he tells me that he’s in a bit of pain with a swollen foot – apparently it had been like this for a week!

Clearly, he needed to see a doctor. We get there for the appointed time of 4.30pm only to find the surgery is running half an hour late, meaning we were going to be late collecting my daughter from her tutor.  I rummage around inside my bag looking for my phone. Then I remember I’d left it at home on the kitchen table, so I can’t call the tutor to let her know we’re going to be late. I’m now getting visibly stressed!

My son gets a skin allergy diagnoses, and we hot foot it (no pun intended!), half an hour late, to collect my daughter (stopping off at the chemist to dispense a prescription and at Hotel Chocolat for a gift for the tutor by way of an apology).
Raindrops Falling On Our Heads. Pic Credit: Paweesit
But just as we step outside the shopping centre the heavens decide to open, and I’m without a brolly. I’m going out that evening and washing my hair before I go wasn’t on the agenda!

By this point I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m having a day where NOTHING is going to go right. Finally, my daughter is swapped for a box of chocs and we head home, bedraggled and weary but all in one piece. 

It’s been a bad day and I’m feeling low. But once home I spot a parcel on the floor beneath our letterbox addressed to me that I wasn’t expecting. I opened it, and what I found inside put a massive grin on my face. It was a Miss Ballantyne Organic Rose and Geranium Soap sent to me by my blogger pal Sandra at Beauty Balm.

Sandra thought I’d love it and she was absolutely right. It smells utterly divine and looks incredibly pretty - it’s got miniature dry roses pressed into one side.  I’ve been slathering this on my body for the past week, whilst taking a long soak in the bath. Thank you Sandra, you are so very generous and kind. And your timing was impeccable – you really did lift my spirits on what had been a truly grumpy day!     
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